What we offer

We can offer a range of professional education, CPD and one-to-one coaching to suit your requirements and time availability. As part of the package, we have an app and a film series that make the learning process enjoyable and easy to access either face to face or online. Once you have taken part in a train the trainer programme, you will also be able to use the resources to run training for others in your organisation.

Many ways to wise decisions

Everybody learns slightly differently. We provide multiple unique and engaging ways to learn about Phronesis as applied to ethical decision making.

Film Series

The focus of our course is a professionally-filmed film series, which provides a springboard for group discussions on what constitutes a wise decision. The film series contains many ethical dilemmas and decisions as it follows the working life of a GP and hospital consultant from medical school to becoming fully qualified medics over seven episodes. These can be watched in their entirety to stimulate individual thoughts, learning and debate with others. They can also be watched one episode at a time perhaps for each module of an UG, PG or CPD educational programme on ethical decision making. Clips showing just one of the dilemmas are often enough to stimulate reflection, discussion, extensive moral debate and learning with others in break out and plenary groups.

Wisdom Wheel

The virtues taken from our research have been transferred into a Wisdom Wheel app. An interactive version of this exists as part of the course materials to act as an aid whilst you use the other materials.

Group Sessions

Led by one of the research team, our group sessions allow for collective discussion.

People like our course

Here's what some of our course attendees have said when asked if the resources and training had improved their ethical decision making:

Quite massively actually… I think this is a nice way of being able to sort of have a structure to it, because we've always just stuck to the four ethical domains, going through case-based type things. This is a much better way of extending it to the virtues and thinking a bit more broadly about it

Where that has been really useful for me and I have used this, is in explicitly being able to talk to the junior doctors who come to me for advice about why the thing that I think is right, has come to be, and then to show them the different ways that I am thinking about the same problem

Every time I go through that process I feel as though I unlock a little bit more of the path towards being able to articulate wise decisions

Superb as a teaching tool

Beauty of videos are that it shows professionals are human

Virtues leading to flourishing – so if I work on being virtuous in my practice I will flourish, feel I am doing good in the world, etc.

I must say I can't stop thinking about the work you have done. I have raved on about this to my…colleagues… I would like …to promote these resources…I haven't been so excited for a long time

Case Studies

Read about how others have been using the resources.

A Case Study

There has been a continuous flow of medics wanting to use the materials since the final findings were released mid to late 2018. This case study covers education, training, workshops and use of the resources by doctors and other health professionals from December 2018 to June 2020 in a series of pilots.